New Postcard Sets

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season I've updated the postcards sets in my shop. This is always fun for me as I enjoy thinking about what themes run throughout my work and what sets I can create around those themes.
This year I have created the Enigma Set, above. This set is all about mystery and wonder, I love all of those images and I can just see them framed on a wall together!

I've also updated my Deer Set with some new images,

I've created a Butterfly Set, which really was fun to put together as I got to chose some of my absolute favorites out of all of my butterfly pieces,

I updated my Bird Set with some new images,

and as always there is my Lotus Set, one of my favorites, this set makes me feel so calm and happy.

For even more variety I'm also offering a collection of all 30 of my postcards in one complete set, featuring one of each of these cards,

 And, in case any of the postcard sets are calling to you...until Halloween Day next Monday the 31st, please enjoy 15% off of anything in my shop using code AUTUMNLIGHT.
With all of these new sets and calendars in the shop I'm feeling a give-away coming on soon... stay tuned.