New Painting: Thaw


A new painting about opening up to change, to opportunity, and glorious new beginnings.

I'd say that's pretty spot on for our life right now....what is keeping us going is holding on to our vision of the life that we will build in Charleston and all of the new beginnings that this adventure holds.

Today the packers will come to pack everything that we have not packed already, and then they come tomorrow to move everything out. We are living out of suitcases, and then yesterday someone stole Frank phone and wallet out of his studio, which is going to make these last two days so much more complicated as now he'll be running around replacing and canceling everything that was in there!

Feels like we are being cracked open to the core of who we are in these last few days, but the biggest thing that I have been feeling is the love for all of my dear friends here. That is the biggest thing,