House Visit: the Enos

I've got a treat for you today, a peak into a true "New York" home! One thing that I am endlessly fascinated with is the way people live in their spaces, and especially in New York City there are so many different and interesting ways to make a living space into a home.
My dear friend Kristin Brenneman Eno has created one of the most vibrant exciting living spaces that I know, in an old warehouse in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and their beautiful young daughter. New York City is full of these old warehouses that have been renovated into live/work spaces, retaining the old detailing of the warehouse, like huge stairwells....

and endless hallways with exposed brick,

Inside their apartment Kristin and her family have made a creative oasis. On most days all three of them are at home together, as both she and her husband work from home, so they have seamlessly set up many smaller areas for focused work and play within what is basically the one large room of their home.

In the large open elevated loft space her husband Sean works, 

The kitchen and entry are tucked away right beneath his office, 

Their daughter's bedroom, and their bathroom are the only spaces that are separate from the open apartment, and both of those spaces are full of creative hand-made detailing,

I love the walls in the bathroom which Kristin painted in varying shades of coral, with spores that look like they are growing towards the light,

 Their main living area is drenched in sunshine,

There, tucked behind a bookcase is Kristin's magical work area, where she makes her art...paintings, drawings, jewelry and fabric creations, and runs her children's film company.

Next to her own desk is a tiny table for her daughter to work right beside her, so precious!

This space is filled with treasures!

I just love poking around the spaces where other artists create. What an honor that there is one of my wood mounted prints, right there beside the milkweed pod, 

I hope that you enjoyed this peek into a very NYC home!