Spring Weekend

At the end of last week we were blessed with a couple of warm days into which we packed outdoor creativity that we've been longing for. Out came the side walk chalk...

We began some spring gardening in our large whiskey-barrel containers at the front of our house, planting purple pansies and cleaning out all of the leaves, acorns and twigs that had collected over the winter.

Then the kids decided that they wanted to do some painting outside on our deck. I have been painting on wooden panels lately so they wanted to paint on wooden panels too, which is fun since it makes their creations a bit more substantial and I can hang their paintings up right away and it makes them feel so proud!

My boy knows just how to melt my heart...

Although the weather has turned colder again after that colorful glimpse of spring I feel like I know that spring is coming, it is close, and that is keeping my spirits up especially as now spring is officially here! 
Happy Spring to all!