Bead collection

During our big studio clean out I came across this bag of beads, a collection from ages back, I probably started it in high school! It spans many years and lots of travels from my younger days. With many of the beads I know the stories behind them, and each is so lovely, yet I had never found the perfect thing to do with them.
Immediately I knew that Carys would love my old bead collection. She just loves little things you see,

I showed it to her and her eyes lit up. One of her favorite things recently is to string beads onto elastic cord, and that's just want she wanted to do with these,

Creating the prettiest exotic necklace, with so many colors that it really goes with anything, which is good because it has been on her neck for days now! I even found her asleep with it on the other night.

The perfect accessory for an almost four year old lady!