Back in the NY groove

It has been a quiet week here on my blog as I've been navigating our return to NYC, after our whirlwind of a time in Charleston planning our move. On our return flight we were treated to an amazing entry, flying in low over Brooklyn (we could even see our block!) and then across the East River and straight up the Hudson River with the stunning view of Manhattan above. Just thrilling, and reminded me of all of the things that I love about New York, how over the top stunning it can be sometimes!

Now that we have arranged the sale of our house here in Brooklyn, and the purchase of a house that we love in Charleston, now comes the waiting. Which, really I have been never good at this part, I always just want to get on with life and skip the waiting bits. None the less here we are, with a closing date set on our house in Charleston for the 23rd of May, so that's when we will move. That gives us two and a half months to enjoy our life here in New York, and two and half months to wait. I am trying hard to embrace the waiting right now, I'm choosing to see it as a gift of time to wrap up our full beautiful life here and to appreciate it for just how rich it is.

In honor of this, I have chosen not to talk about our house that we are buying in Charleston (even though we LOVE it!!) until we have moved in. Believe me, this is hard since I really just want to shout from the rooftops and jump into our new life there with both feet, but I feel that its the right thing to do, to help my focus remain on the present here and now in Brooklyn. That doesn't mean that I won't talk about Charleston, I want to show you guys how cool it is, I'm just going to hold off on talking about our house there.

OK, OK, here is one little peak, a shot of the backyard at the new house, where the kids were already having fun playing,

My gardening fingers are itching to get to work on that yard, planting and growing things! There is even a perfect spot for a small vegetable garden right off of the kitchen, but, let me stop myself or my thoughts will run away with me. All in good time my friends, all in good time.