Today we spent a rainy cold Saturday frolicking at one of our favorite family friendly (and very hip) cafes in New York City, Moomah. I wanted to give you a peak back to last summer, and one of our outings to this magical space. It is a cafe designed for families, where good food is served in a stylish family atmosphere, and you can do crafts with your kids while you eat, or just take in the amazing space.  It is located in the neighborhood of Tribeca, an old industrial neighborhood of lower Manhattan, most of the buildings have been turned into fancy shops and condos now,  getting there is half the fun walking around the old streets.

The minute you enter Moomah there is so much to look at, 

The space is calming, serene, and the art on the walls is beautiful and inspiring, 

These are some of the craft projects that you can pick from to make together (my kids made the place mats), 

Or just coloring on their beautiful coloring pages is fun too,

The large back room is an interactive video installation for the kids, with pillows all around, sometimes they offer kids yoga classes in this room. It is a video forest that the children can help "water" and watch it grow up the walls as it moves with them. Sort of hard to describe but totally amazing and perfect for a rainy day, where the kids can run around!

I'm even in love with the chair in the bathroom at Moomah, isn't that coral fabric stunning!? This place is not to be missed if you are visiting New York with kids!
Happy Weekending to you!