New Postcard Sets

Thank you so much for all of your wonderfully supportive comments on my last two posts about our planned move! Your affirmations and responses are so special to me! Amidst all the goings on here I managed to list a few new things in my shop...
I'm crazy about these new postcard sets, they are the same great quality as my original postcard sets, but this time I thought I'd shake things up and offer them in themes, all in sets of six. There is the Deer Set that you see above (with a few wild horses thrown in!). And the Lotus Set,

and the Bird Set,

I don't think I can pick a favorite set, as I had so much fun choosing which images to use in each one, but all are perfect for saving, framing or sharing.
Did you all enjoy 1/11/11 yesterday? There was a moment when I looked at the digital clock in our bathroom and it read 11:11, and that felt very special.
Also, if you have not seen this short documentary about the man behind the amazing blog The Sartorialist, you must go watch it now, it is fantastic and inspiring!