Happy New Year!

Hello friends, its good to be back. The post Christmas relaxing really got the best of me, it was delicious to have some unplugged time and recharge in Florida...the beach really is one of my absolute favorite places.

Then, we heard news of the crazy blizzard that hit NYC while we were away. All flights were canceled, and even three days after the snow fall our flight back was the first to leave from the Florida airport that day. We returned to 22 inches of snow, and 4 foot drifts on our deck and backyard,

Our street wasn't even plowed when we returned, for a city like New York it did seem like the snow got the best of it this time! On top of that our cat was missing, since the start of the storm. He is an indoor/outdoor guy, and our friend who was feeding him while we were away could not find him. So I spent time looking for him, walking thigh high in snow through our neighbor's backyards, climbing over fences, finally finding him huddled under the deck of one of our neighbor's houses. He was missing for 5 days, and we felt so grateful when he reappeared!

With all of that drama, and lots of snow play thrown in we have been enjoying days of building snow forts, sledding and snuggling indoors. We started our year very quietly, with a party of 4 at home, we baked a "New Years" cake with the kids.  Frank and I shared some wine reflecting on all that 2010 held for us and looking ahead with excitement to 2011. The year ahead will be a big one for our family, we've got some exciting news to share soon. At the beginning of each new year I also always feel excitement for the art that I will create in the year to come, I already have a few pieces in progress, and new ideas to explore.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about my friend Kristin's Spirit Ship project in my last post. I wanted to let you know that she was able to raise the $5000 needed by January 2nd to fund the project to finish the film!!!