Tropical Christmas

We're here in Florida, preparing for a tropical Christmas with Frank's family,

Being in the sunny warm weather has felt so healing after the frigid temperatures that we were having up north. We are melting into it, after the initial feeling that it is a shock to the system to fly down here and suddenly be in summer weather, with the sun shining so brightly! Oh sun how we've missed you!

So far we've been doing some of our favorite things to do when we come to Naples, Florida. We visit our favorite "pirate ship" playground (the wooden structure looks like a ship!),

Marvel at the tropical foliage,

Go to the zoo, where we go on the special boat ride monkey tour (I love that Carys looks so serious in the photo, that's some serious monkey watching),

Collect and arrange our nature finds (The fact that my children do this makes me feel like I have trained them well!), 

And generally enjoy some tropical silliness,

Things are about to kick into some serious Christmas celebrating when the rest of the family arrives tomorrow. I hope that you are getting ready to celebrate a wonderful holiday where ever you are!