Surprised at the Swallow Opening

I wanted to do a post with a whole bunch of pictures of my opening at Swallow last week, but then I went through all of the pictures that Frank took, and none of them did the event justice! Not blaming Frank though as I know that taking pictures at openings is hard, especially when you are having fun yourself. So friends, these will have to do.

Even though seeing the work up on the walls was great, the highlight for me was chatting with the people, and also seeing some of the work sell on the night of the opening. The show will be up through February, so I'm looking forward to going back often, seeing what has sold, and finding out what people are really responding to.
The highlight of the evening came at the end, when Frank and I were getting our coats on to go out for drinks and tapas with friends....suddenly he slyly pulled out this ring, that I have been swooning over, and presented it to me. I couldn't believe it.

The ring was made by the woman who runs Swallow, who is an amazing jeweler. Being a serious jewelry appreciator myself, something about this ring captivated me the moment I saw it, and I couldn't stop talking about it. One of my favorite features of the ring is that Eternal is inscribed on the back. I also love that now this ring will remind me of this moment in our lives, of finishing this body of work, of celebrating, and loving with my whole heart.