Winged Blessings

 As I've mentioned over the past few weeks, I have been working on a series of small turquoise paintings, and if you've been following along you got a sneak peak at some of them in my turquoise postcard set that I released a couple of weeks ago.

 A group of them developed into what I am calling my Winged Blessings series, they grew out of my longstanding desire to work again with the blooming lotus flower from my painting Blessing along with the ache that I've been feeling to work quickly on a few paintings. 

The thrill that I feel while I am working quickly and able to finish a painting within a day (or two) is like no other, the pieces that develop feel fated, like each element was meant to be just how they turn out. Since there is no time to "over think" those quick pieces I feel that they get me out of my head, so they become an exercise that I like to turn to when I have been putting in long hours in the studio, which I have been doing lately as I'm getting ready for a solo show coming up in December.

Winged Blessing {rising sun}

When I spend hours in the studio painting time passes quickly as I find myself in a waking dream state, painting as my mind wanders down well worn mental roads, even while also staying focused on the task that my hands are completing. The energy of these waking dreams infuse all of my work, I think of it sometimes as the place in which I feel fully whole, in which everything makes sense, in which I can do my most clear thinking, and understanding. With this series, as I painted, my mind was focused on thinking of sending blessings, sending joy, wanting these Winged Blessings to carry magical wishes to the recipient. With wishes on their wings they remind you that you are brave, passionate, vibrant and beautifully alive, and that...

Winged Blessing {sunset}

Your dreams are always worth pursuing!

 Winged Blessing {golden glow}

I love the hope that I see in them, and I already have one sitting in my little personal alter on the window sill in my studio. 
These are the first of a group of originals that I am planning to add to my shop over the coming Holiday Season. You can find them here, here and here.
Another thing that I love about working on small pieces quickly is that I am able to offer them priced very reasonably, that makes me so happy since I love for my originals to go out into the world!

Wishing you deep joy and deep peace on the glorious weekend.