Mountain Weekend

We spent this past weekend visiting friends who recently moved out of New York City to the sweet hippie town of Woodstock, nestled in the Catskill Mountians of New York State. After driving out of the city in traffic the night before it was such a pleasure to wake up to the quiet of day break in the woods on Saturday morning,

and the calm of beautiful asian details through out their home....

We had the most magical weekend with sunny perfect weather as the icing on the cake. We feasted on food that we bought at farm stands,

Hiked a trail called "Poet's Walk",

Stopping at this mysterious structure that seemed almost to have grown in that spot,

We enjoyed the bits of foliage that were still changing color,

Meeting some wildlife along the way, my "animal whisperer" boy's favorite part!

My favorite part, truly, had to be the huge bonfire that we made on Saturday night. It felt powerful, wild and dreamy...that's just how bonfires make me feel, especially when I can look up and see a sky full of stars. It really was the best way to finish off a perfect time spent with friends.