Turquoise Postcards

I am love love loving these new postcards that just came in! Its a serious Turquoise fiesta.

My favorite color, in a series of 5 paintings that I've been working on for the past month. This set of postcards is now available in my shop here, and I'm excited to share more about these new paintings soon. 
The bottom three, with the lotus and the butterfly, are part of my new Winged Blessings series, and the other two are part of a series that I am working on about Journeys.
I think that they all fit together so nicely!

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about our Disney trip, it was such a great time with our kids and my in-laws, perfect for family reunions. The one big thing that I have learned after going for three years now is to pace your self and take days off to just sit by the pool. Disney can be exhausting, probably because it is so much fun!