Celebrating 6

A simple dinner with friends at our favorite pizza restaurant,
and yes my boy wanted cupcakes that looked like apples (interesting request I know), so....

I did my best. They were not nearly as involved as the cake that I made for his birthday last year! Carys and I had fun whipping these up,

For the leaves we cut out pieces from a green fruit roll up, and for the stems I wanted to use tootsie rolls but could not find any, so I settled for twizzler's cut into small pieces.
I really enjoy making my kids fun cakes for their birthdays, clearly Jasper is on to me with this "apple cupcake" challenge  request!
The highlight of my day on his birthday was taking a book into his Kindergarten classroom and reading it to his class. After great deliberation Jasper chose The Little Engine That Could which was one of my childhood favorites, and the whole class of 24 kids listened with wrapped attention as I read the story. I love the "I think I can" part, reading it with great drama to a group of 5-6 year olds was fantastic!!
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend.