Everything is Beautiful

Everything is Beautiful, acrylic and pencil on canvas

Now that we are almost through the first full week, of our first school year, I can truly say that school is exhausting, for all of us! Just getting Jasper to Kindergarten in the mornings dressed and well fed is a whirlwind, but he loves his school so far and I feel blessed knowing that he is excited to be where he is right now.
With the new time that I am having in the studio I have finally been able to focus on the new season ahead. I have lots of exciting things in store, including a huge shop update that I am working on, plans for the holiday shop season (already!) and a fabulous interview that I just finished. I'll post more on that soon!
I also can't wait to try this, creating a font out of your own handwriting, how fun! I'm hoping to work that into some projects for the holiday season as I am teaching myself a little photoshop, really just in baby steps. Other things that I've been loving in the studio lately are this song (the whole album is great!) and this interview.
Frank and I are getting prints and paintings ready for the Gowanus Open Studio tour and, after doing a lot of research, we splurged on a new printer for our art prints! We are loving this new toy, Epson Stylus Photo R1900 Large Format Photo Printer (C11C698201). With the new quality in the prints that I am making, I am also planning to raise the prices in my shop. 
I'll be raising the prices right away but since I love all of you, my lovely blog readers, so much I'm creating a special code....you can still have the old price of $20 on prints by entering "Everything is Beautiful" at checkout. I'll refund the difference to your Paypal account, simple. This code will be good through the rest of September, so please feel free to take advantage of it until October 1st.
We had some wild fall weather yesterday evening as a tornado touched down in our neighborhood of Brooklyn, a very surprising and unusual weather event. We were indoors and watched it all out of our windows, it was something very surreal. There was no damage on our block, but in the surrounding area many trees were taken down from the roots up, crushing lots of cars and breaking shop windows and signs. I am humbled this morning by nature's power.
I'm adding prints of this painting Everything is Beautiful (one of my favorites, as I painted it for my boy on his 3rd birthday, almost 3 years ago!) to my shop for the first time today, right here.
The excitement of fall is truly in the air.