Driving around on the opposite side

I'm really going to miss England. This trip was long enough for us to really become used to being here, especially feeling so at home staying with my wonderful brother and his family. 
 I will especially miss the beauty of the drives. When we visit England I am never comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road (and car) so Frank is the driver and I am the permanent passenger on every road trip.
This gives me lots of time for looking out the window, enjoying the view, appreciating the countryside and of course taking lots of pictures.
I will miss the little towns...

 The vegetation...
Driving around a bend and encountering a 12th century church...
I will miss the country lanes,

and winding roads...
No matter how scary it is when suddenly another car appears coming towards you on one of the many one lane roads (I gasped every time!).
I will also miss the GPS, generously lent by my brother, without which we surely would not have found our way anywhere in England. Everyone uses them here, calling them "sat navs", and seriously with all of these lanes which are hundreds of years old winding every which way I can't imagine what went on here before the GPS.
Rarely have I been so thankful for technology!

I'll see you all on the other side, back in Brooklyn.
Happy Labor Day Weekend to those in the states!