She says, "Mommy, I want to paint.", and how can I refuse that really?? She is so full of enthusiasm for painting and drawing, so excited to be discovering it for the first time. So, we roll out the paper, get out the paints and we all dive in... and pretty soon this is the way our morning looks, before we've even gotten dressed.

This has been happening often, you might remember it from this special moment that I shared here.
We have been using my favorite watercolor set and brushes from when I was a child, the colors are so saturated and intense, I remember loosing my self in them, completely enchanted. And now these dear little hands are doing the same...

This morning the four of us painted together, creating a family mural. Shapes and colors becoming parts of the action in a story that unfolded as we worked.

Taking us to another place.

Once it was finished, and dried, we found a special spot for it high on our kitchen wall...

This new painting was inspired by all of the enchantment of childhood, the mystical stories, the places to be cultivated and explored and the times like this one where we all get down on the floor and create something beautiful together.


Prints are already in my shop.