The Book Nook

We've been retreating to a magical place...
Where exotic horses keep watch,Dream boats sail on the wind,and through the window you can see far and wide.Welcome to our Book Nook, a place where we've spent quite a bit of time over this past winter. We converted the unused top bunk of Jasper's bed into a cozy den of cushions and blankets to snuggle and read in. We've been back there lately as the past few days have been gray, cold and rainy...visiting magic gardens,

and fairy lands.
After my big weekend with the craft fair last Saturday, I have needed some time to re-group. One thing that I realize every time that I do a fair is that it is so physically exhausting! Talking to people all the lovely people who come by my table at a fair, totally exhausts me while it is fun at the same time. I think much of the problem is on my end, I get so caught up in the whirlwind of it all that I forget to give my self breaks to get up, walk around and have a bite to eat. I am reminded of how I felt when I used to teach art, I'd be just totally exhausted at the end of the day from being so "on" as the art teacher, using all of my energy to excite the kids about the projects that I was doing with them. I have also heard a theory that some people get energy from being around and talking with lots of other people, while some people are drained of energy in that same situation.
I think I must fall somewhere in the middle, but I'm sure glad that I got to have this cozy little break.