Snap + Ink

I am thrilled to be included as one of the artists interviewed for this amazing new e-course by Snaps & Ink. The course is called Captivating, it is a journey into creativity. It is about preparing a safe haven for our creativity to manifest, taking a closer look at the world around us and being gentle and mindful with our dreams. It sounds amazing! I had the pleasure of getting to know lovely Madalyn during our Unravelling course, and I have to tell you, she's got some great ideas. The questions that she asked me in our interview knocked my socks off with their perceptive depth, and the list of other female artists that she has on the course agenda is really exciting. You can take a sneak peak here.
In her words:
"Our journey [in the e-course] will be invigorating and create fresh wind for your sails." I just love that.