One of the biggest gifts of my time away was mental space. As I was able to step away from my daily responsibilities I was able to more truly see my life, to have perspective on what's really working and what's not, both as I go about my day to day and also within the larger scope of where I am going. As if I had been looking at my life through a pin hole camera and then pulled back to suddenly see the world around me.

As I had time to sit with this and really focus, I began to feel an energy shift. There under the sun in California. I can put it most simply like this, I feel myself opening up to what really is serving me, and working, within my life. I have also been seeing the things in my life that I had hoped for a long time would serve me, but that in actuality do not. Most importantly I am starting to take a deep look at the areas in which there are things that have really never served me, that I have tried and tried to make work but that I have let stick around for a long time.

One of my huge catalysts for all of this self reflection is that right now I am in the middle of taking a wonderful e-course called Together in which the teachers present ideas about accessing your creative potential. While I was away I lounged in my friend's dreamy backyard (in the photos above) and re-listened to all of the podcasts from the course so far. What I have really been sitting with in this course is this idea that in order to live and work with clarity first we must do some clearing...both mentally and physically. This physical clearing or purging of things that could be holding you back, things with negative energy from your past, things that are not in sinc with who you are becoming, will leave space in your life. That space gives breathing room to think, along with room for something else, something better, to come in. For me that is the space in which I can step away from the pin-hole camera and finally take in the universe all around.

I gave my husband Frank this e-course for Christmas so we have been taking it together, and really it has been the ideal way to start our year. Taking time to sit and think together, looking towards a common horizon...our future goals.

The fresh perspective that I have gained with all of these things is a treasure that will serve me as I approach 2010, where already my word for the year, Clarity, seems to be seeping into every corner.

With everything moving so fast each day, I'm so glad that I was able to slow down and see things as they really are for a moment.