New supplies

Oh the possibilities and wonder of new art supplies and a big roll of fresh paper. I truly do feel giddy walking into an art store.
My girl, at all of 2, loves to draw as much as I do, in fact its become a daily activity. I was recently inspired by my friend Kirsten (who has a wildly inspiring new blog) to go out and buy a lovely rainbow set of 100 colored pencils, new washable markers and a big roll of paper... all just for the kids. My little ones had art supplies, of course, but stepping it up with these new materials has opened up such a door to creativity, keeping things fresh and vibrant. Never underestimate the allure of beautiful materials laid out in a pleasing way...this works for all ages doesn't it!

These days I roll out a long piece of paper, covering the length of our whole dining room table, and Carys just goes wild. The gestures and freedom with her marks are so expressive and it is such a pleasure for me to watch her creating for just the shear joy of it!