A bed of butterflies

We've arrived here in sunny but chilly Florida, although the cold here is nothing compared to the snow that we left back up north!
The most inspiring thing that I saw yesterday was this amazing installation, a room with that turquoise river snaking through and those delicate white butterflies made of paper fluttering along and over the bed.
It felt so poetic to me, like harnessing a dream.

It was part of a design contest, where each decorator had a "room" with 3 walls in a showroom window, to create an installation to show their design aesthetic. So interesting! Frank and I happened upon this on our annual date to the Miromar outlets near my in-law's home. I look forward to this excursion as some of my favorite shopping for the year, the whole experience is fun plus my in-laws watch the kids so it is like a date!
The mall is designed to look like a European street, which makes it feel festive and sort of transporting.

When we come to Florida in the winter I usually spend the first couple of days feeling like I am coming out of hibernation. Yesterday I found the most perfect hat to help me along though...and warmer days are in the forecast.