Little hands

Here, in my journal I traced their little hands. Then, I filled the outlines in with little circles in the colors that are their such a boy, the other all girl.
I will need these little colored hands, you see, because I am going away for a few days. For the first time. Without my children.
I feel very dramatic about it, but also thrilled. A long time ago I used to love to travel alone, but my wheels are rusty...won't that make it an even bigger adventure?! I am flying tomorrow to Los Angeles to visit a dear friend for 5 days where we will bike at the beach, watch the sunset, eat long brunches and generally laugh a lot.
While I'll be checking in here from over on the west coast, I wanted to leave you with a brand new painting that seemed to just happen while I was playing the other night in the studio...

Love Letters
These sweet little birds have been popping up in my most recent paintings and I am loving their energy.
OK, now I've got to run and go make some "love letters" of my own, for my little ones to open every morning that I am away...wish me luck!