Winter giveaway!

I checked the stats on the visits here the other day and there are a lot of you stopping by. Well hi there, you are awfully quiet! I am hoping to draw you out with this winter give away.
In celebration of the Holiday Season and our coming Winter Solstice...there are two prizes!

The first offering is a print of my painting Awakening, you can check it out in my shop here.

The second offering is a set of three note cards, of my paintings, Hope, Solstice and Beginning.

I've been feeling so festive this week so I have made four ways to enter the giveaway:

You can just leave a comment bellow, I do love to hear from you.
You can enter a second time if you are an official "follower" of my blog, if you have not yet just join over there on the side bar.
You can enter a third time by joining my mailing list, which you can also do easily by entering your email address in the button on my side bar.
You can even enter a fourth time if you blog about my giveaway and let me know about it!

I know, that is a lot of ways to enter! To help me keep things straight please enter each time in a different comment...that will help make sure that all of your entries are counted when I draw the winners.

I will randomly select one winner for each item on Monday, December 21st the day of our Winter Solstice and the shortest day of the year. I always love that day because I know that from then on we will ever so slowly begin to get more and more daylight each day!