Watching over you

This new painting was inspired by a collage that I made at the Children's Museum, yes I do find inspiration even (maybe especially) on the art table at the Children's Museum. We were there at craft time and they brought out this box over flowing with stamps and ink. How could I resist that?
So I sat down with the kids and made this collage:

I liked my stamp collage so much that as I gazed at it back in the studio I just knew that I had to make a painting from it.
The deer became the main character, and as I painted the whole thing became about a Mama and baby deer foraging in winter. The Mama deer gazing, and carefully directing her baby deer. She is always watching over him.

This painting is getting wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree for Jasper this year (shhh, its a surprise!)
I want him to know, from his Mama:
The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and I; we are always watching over you.