Declaring an intention is almost always a bold act, not something without thought and definitely something with action behind it. That is how I felt when I declared my intention, back in September, to work on my affirmation series, a group of paintings that I saw in my mind and was really excited about bringing to life.
Well, the painting fates had other ideas because I was surprised at just how much I struggled with the second painting in that series. The first painting was about the affirmation Strength and Beauty Surround You, and this second painting was going to be called Dream in Color.

For some reason I just didn't feel "right" about this painting and while I finished other pieces with ease this piece sat in my studio, I worked on it in starts and fits, adding pattern and color, but it wasn't until I realized that the bird needed to be different that the painting really started to come together.
She's not dreaming you see. She is awake, and bright eyed to the color around her!

So, this painting is now called Awakening.

It is part of larger lesson that I have taken here, I can't make a painting or a situation different than it is meant to be. All I can do is be truly awake and alive to the color, the life, the ideas all around me.