Thank Full Already

Magical Journey

Here, after a day that started out not so great (yes, definitely one of those days), I felt a flood of energy, I was uplifted by your comments, and was amazed by all that I was able to accomplish. I feel full of thanks this evening, and I am especially mindful of this right now as we approach the holiday of Thanksgiving here in the US. I love the tradition of going around the holiday table and inviting each person to share what they are thankful for.
While I have been in the studio painting recently, I have had moments where I suddenly realize that I am repeating a phrase in my mind over and over like a mantra. Each time the phrase is, "thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...."
My heart is spilling over with thankfulness, and I believe recently this is due to trying to live in the moment as much as possible. For the last half a year I have focused so much on pulling myself into each moment, with my kids, my husband, in the studio, with my friends, going for a walk, feeling the sun on my skin.
With this has come deep thankfulness, and a mindfulness of just how brimming with joy these moments sparkling, stunning, almost painful ways.

We are preparing to jet away tomorrow morning for a week of sun and beach living, with family in Florida. Some how, in the midst of packing for all of us today I was able to do a shop update with new paintings. I think that the excitement of sharing these pushed me onward! I love these three paintings together, as they are above, and when I return next week I will be offering a print of them together like that, as a triptych.
For now I am offering them as they are bellow. In the studio I have continued thinking about dreams a lot while I work.
That is what this series is about.

Taking Flight

Evening Time

Sweet Dreams

Strength and Beauty Surround You

And finally, some of you might remember this painting from a couple of months ago. I finally finished it..the affirmation series that I started with this piece has been much more of a struggle than I thought...but more on that when I return. I wanted to leave you with the title of this painting as inspiration for the week ahead.
Strength, beauty and love really are all around you! Let's give thanks for this my friends.