Old friends

Do you have things around your house that are just possessions but somehow they make you feel more yourself, or remind you of who you are at your best?
These rings totally embody that for me, each of them has a story about how it came into my possession, and each serves as a reminder of a part of myself that I cherish.
Since I use my hands so much rings really work for me, I love the way I catch sight of them in little moments, like when I am in the middle of making a painting, zipping up my child's coat, or moving my hands during a conversation. Since often the stories are the best part I thought I'd share just minimal detail about each ring, and while I love how they look all piled on, I don't usually wear them all together.

Thumb~a branch from Brooklyn Prospect Park, which we live a block from and go to every day, cast in gold by a friend.
Index finger~turquoise ring that I bought from a Native American jeweler in Taos N.M. the stones had been in his family for generations, the same jeweler made the bracelet on my wrist which my mom has a match to, I never take the bracelet off, I even wore it in my wedding.

Middle finger~cocktail ring, bought on a whim in NYC, I wear it for fabulous nights out or dinner parties.
Ring finger~a silver ring that I bought in high school at a hippie store that I loved; a large disk of two types of turquoise that I bought at a craft fair right after ending a really big relationship in my 20's; a gold and labradorite beauty that my husband gave to me on our 5th Wedding anniversary which was also my little brother's wedding day (I also never take this one off).
Pinkie~both of these rings I got on a year long road trip around the US and Mexico after college which involved living in my V.W. van (oh yes), I bought the turquoise one at a market in Mexico, the pink stone is from Africa set in a silver setting by an artist in Seattle who I bought it from at a market there.

I took the picture of my bejeweled hand on a leaf from my Banana Palm tree, another old friend, who I have raised from a tiny plant. This is the time of year that I bring all of my tropical plants inside after they spent 6 months on our deck drinking the sun, now they come inside to brighten up our winter months.
I find comfort living surrounded by these old friends.