Halloween glimpses

We had such a full weekend; full of celebration, full of role play, full of friends, full of parties, oh yes very full of candy. We spent yesterday and today in a post Halloween induced daze.
Our neighborhood here in Park Slope, Brooklyn celebrates Halloween in a huge way, everyone participates, each block feels like a block party, whole families dress up and, at dusk, there is a Halloween parade! Such fun! Would you believe that on the way to the parade my camera ran out of battery power. Sadly, I do not have any pictures of my own "cave princess" costume, thrown together at the last minute with an old bridesmaids dress, a faux fur vest and a tribal cord around my head. The outfit actually reminded me a lot of something that I might have worn out on a Saturday night in the East Village in my twenties.
My favorite costume of the night was a mom that I saw dressed up like Princess Leia pushing a stroller that was decorated like R2D2 (it even lit up).
That banner in the windows of our house in the first photo is courtesy this giveaway {thanks Karla}, it really dressed up our house.

We had such fun, but boy am I glad that the Halloween induced daze seems to be lifting. I can't party like I used to!