goddess school

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I am in Goddess School.

That's right, I am in the middle of the second week of an A M A Z I N G e-course right now over at Goddess Guidebook, called Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine: divine decluttering & magical space clearing.
So far the course has far exceeded my expectations, which I have to admit where a little vague at the start. I have been following Goddess Leonie's blog for a while and have absolutely enjoyed her quirky posts and gentle insights, so I was very intrigued with the idea of the class. I should explain that I wanted to take the course for two reasons:

1. We live in a TINY house, out of which I run 3 businesses...my family and all that it involves, my art (studio and online shop) and my doula practice. As you can imagine it is hard to keep everything organized and decluttered, although I try my best! So this was the practical side of my wanting to take this course, to find out more insights and hints to help me live in my space more effectively.

2. Number two was more of a gray area for me, but I knew that I wanted to take the course in a deep way for the internal space clearing that it promised. Along with the physical decluttering and organizing that the course guides you through there is so much psychological stuff that is tied in with it, and the more layers that can be peeled back regarding our "stuff" the more clearly we can see everything, who we are where we are going, why we have certain patterns, etc.... This makes absolute sense to me!

I will also reveal here that Frank and I have been "stuck" in one very big area for about two years, and that is...whether to stay in New York City or to listen to the little voices in our hearts that keep getting louder telling us that our time here is drawing to close. It has been a wonderful 12 year run! Even though we do feel that we are being called to leave the city, the timing has not been quite right for us to make a decision about moving, and I have started to feel like we are dragging our feet and having the same conversations many times without making decisions or taking action. You know that place of frustrating inaction?

I felt like the timing was right for me to delve more deeply into things that could be holding us back.

Goddess Leonie creates a beautiful safe environment for sharing in the group class forum. I felt so comfortable that on my first visit I was sharing these questions about us leaving NYC, and I realized that I hadn't even shared that here on my blog yet! I saw that immediately this is one area in which I have been holding back, in declaring my intentions. I think that if we didn't declare our intention to leave NYC, then it didn't feel as scary. But, since I have been declaring it for the past couple of weeks, I feel a new lightness. I feel myself opening up to the reality of us leaving New York, and even though that is really scary since we have lived here so long, it is also really filled with the excitement that moving to a new place holds! This course has brought a lightness to my mental state in mysterious ways. You know when you think, talk or dream about someone that you have not seen or thought of for a while and then they manifest in your life in some way shortly afterwards? That has happened to me 10 times in the past week.

I think that I am living in the realm of possibility more fully right now than I have been in a while.

I know that I have a lot to say today, and there will definitely be more to come along these lines as I share our "leaving New York journey" with you here. I am embracing this time of transition for what it is, I have spent a lot of time in my life fighting change!

A wonderful resource that I have discovered through Goddess Leonie is space clearing through sound. Check out Fabiku's free sacred sounds healing downloads, these are recordings of him drumming and playing the bells simultaneously in subtle rhythms that he claims "unstick" stuck energy. I have no idea how this works but I loved it and did feel the effects afterwards!