The reveal

OK I know I'm being a little dramatic, but really it is just to hide the bit of embarrassment that I feel at admitting that we went to Disney World last week. Yes that's where we were, in Florida! I know, it is hard to believe that all of those pictures in my last post were taken at Disney, I wanted to show you those first so that you would believe that there are actually some "inspiring" things to see there. Really! I took all of those pictures at Disney's Animal Kingdom in the Asia section of the park which, as you saw, totally transports you to far away lands. Those people at Disney really know how to create an effect. My in-laws live in south Florida and this trip was their idea. We visit them at their home in Florida a few times a year, but this time they came and met us in Orlando along with my children's little cousins. All in all this was the effect of the trip on my kids:

I just love the unbridled joy in this picture!

We did see the Mouse himself, along with more characters than I care to think about. I've now had my Disney fill for a long time, although if my in-laws have their way I'll have to reconcile myself to going every year. It definitely would not have been my first choice of vacation, but there is a "little kid" part of me that totally embraces the excitement of it. And oh that Florida SUNSHINE, I do love that!

This picture nicely sums up the whirlwind of our experience, part thrill and expectation mixed with a little wonder and lots of fun (with a dash of sleepiness in there too).