Collecting and changes

I think that I was born with a "collecting gene", when I am outside I can't keep myself from collecting little bits of the beauty around me. The inspiration definitely drifts into my paintings.

This collecting has resulted in places like the shelves below. This is in the corner of our kitchen, and almost overflowing with rocks, shells, sticks, pine cones, lichen, along with family mementos... so many things from so many different adventures. Having these objects where I can see them and enjoy them comforts and inspires me. Bits of the past help me to embrace the future.
In fact, even the name of my shop and blog came out of my long time collecting of...yes, leaves and feathers.

My children have caught onto the collecting bug and quite often now the collections become a source of imaginative play. My daughter is playing with a bowl of shells while I write this.

In autumn the collecting kicks into high gear, and it has already begun. So far we found the berries in the first photo next to our favorite climbing tree in the park. We don't know what kinds of berries they are (Mulberries maybe?).
These acorn tops have been all over the sidewalk in front of our house for the past two weeks, we have collected bowls of them.

They are destined to become tiny hats for felted gnomes that I plan to start making in my crafting circle after the weather turns colder. I discovered the joy and relaxation of needle felting with wool last winter in our Waldorf play group.

We had a wonderful weekend full of friends and some sunshine, resting up for the week ahead which will be our first week ever with both kids in their playgroups for three days a week.
This change of seasons is bringing a big transition for me. I know that I will find my rhythm with it but right now I find myself wondering how I will be able to get them both to their different places each morning without feeling like I am running around like a maniac. And how will I ever be able to calm down and transition into studio time after drop off!?

Wishing that summer would hang on a little longer, but I am getting ready to embrace the exciting change of seasons ahead.