My "New" Necklace

As a visual person I am constantly being inspired by things that I see. The other day at the playground I saw a stylish looking mom wearing a lovely tangle of necklaces with lots of little charms scattered along the chains. I couldn't get it out of my mind, and definitely wanted one for myself.
Later, during the quiet of the evening (after the kids were asleep) I was feeling energized by the idea of making my own charm necklace. I keep this old tackle box full of jewelry making supplies, as this has been a creative outlet that I love to experiment with....and I have even sold a line of earrings in the past.

First I grabbed three gold chains from another necklace that I didn't wear too much, and then I collected my charms, which wasn't too hard for me as I save anything with sentimental value. I choose:
-a gold feather charm that was on a necklace that Frank gave me one year for my birthday.
-a small faceted chunk of Labradorite, one of my favorite semi-precious stones. I love the way that it changes color in the light.
-a rectangular gold "tag" that I wore on a cord around my neck through my pregnancies as a talisman.
I strung one of these charms on each gold chain, then fastened them all together on a clasp. Once I put the necklace on, the chains tangled and twisted up perfectly together on their own.

Now I've got my own chain and charm necklace. Playground here I come!