Block Party

One Saturday a year, our block here in brownstone Brooklyn closes to car traffic, turns on the hydrants, and opens up wide for all kinds of old fashioned fun. Every block in NYC is allowed to do this as long as they apply for a permit in advance, and we are lucky to have a woman on our block who has lived here her whole life and organizes the permit every single year! She is a real die hard. This was the 5th year that we have been living on this block, and it was the most fun block party for us so far since the kids are old enough to absolutely embrace the idea. They LOVED the no rules feeling of running and playing in the street with their friends until the sun started to set and they all went inside and crashed hard in bed!

This was just what we all needed, a lazy day without rules at the height of summer in the City.
Even though this has definitely been the coolest summer that I remember in 12 years of living here in NYC we have just started now to feel the usual summer humidity, even finally giving in to sleeping with the air conditioner on in our bedroom.
I am also just starting to get the sense that we are on the "down slope" side of summer. Do you know what I mean? People are starting to talk about taking their last trips of the summer, and making Labor Day Weekend plans.
Since I always have ideas for paintings swimming around in my head, I am looking forward to having more structured time in the fall, which means more studio time for me. Autumn is also always my favorite time in New York. But, for now, since I have both of my babes with me full time, these ideas will have to wait. We are doing lots of exploring instead....The New York Aquarium, Coney Island, still doing our once a week beach adventure, The Natural History Museum, the new Highline park in Manhattan (this was very cool and pictures are coming soon!).

Although maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to grab a little studio time this week!