Stars at the playground

Right on a Hudson River pier, in Manhattan's west village, there is a wonderful playground with lots of fountains for water play. The whole playground is set up to make you feel like you are on a ship and the view of the boats, sky and harbor are really gorgeous! The weather was perfect, so we made it a family outing this weekend. We did the usual playground things...

Enjoyed the view, tended skinned knees,

and played with Heidi Klum's daughter's ball.

Well, that's not so usual. In New York City seeing celebrities is not that unusual, when I lived in the east village for years in my 20's I saw just about every big name celeb, but really it is always a thrill. The thing in New York is that no mater how big the celebrity you always must act like it is really not a big deal to see them. Everyone acts so nonchalant about it, no one points or whispers or anything out of the ordinary. So, there was Heidi Klum at the playground with all of her three children and her baby belly looking pretty far along with her 4th. She looked lovely in a sun dress and glasses, but the biggest thing I noticed were her three babysitters. Yes, she had a babysitter for each of her children!
This made me feel so good, really. Whenever I hear or read about people who seem to "do it all" with the career and children and still looking SO great, I can really start to feel hard on myself by comparison! Feeling like I should somehow be able to do more, be more, than is actually possible. But doesn't our culture make us all feel this way!?
So, watching Heidi sit down in the sunshine and relax while her babysitters followed her children around the playground made me feel good. I felt lighter, more free. Yeah she does look fabulous, but she doesn't do it all, she has lots of help. Probably every day there are moments for me when the idea of having a babysitter for each child sounds amazing, but I know that I am trying my best.

Making it work in my own way, and loving these moments to paint and blog and be alone with my thoughts when I can!