Cleaning up

I had not realized how dirty our kitchen was until this morning when I was on my hands and knees on the floor cleaning up an accidental spilling of a box of crispy rice (everywhere). Once the mess was cleaned up, I changed the table cloth, putting out this light cotton one from Ikea. I grabbed a favorite Mexican plate for a center piece and these Marimekko fabric covered pillows that had been used to make forts in the living room. They look great as a comfy back for our bench....and there it is....our spiced up kitchen table. Clean and so invitingly summery, just in time for July 4th!

I often feel that a little symmetry goes a long way in making a space feel calm.

And that painting that you can just see the bottom of behind our bench in the first photo? Here it is....

It is a large painting of mine from about 2005 that I absolutely LOVE looking at every day. We choose the yellow of our kitchen walls to complement it!

Have a wonderful holiday to all here in the States!