Around the house

I'm so excited about what is happening in the studio after my flurry of activity the other day, here is a little taste from a painting that I am thinking of calling Wondering.
I try to surround myself with little things that spark inspiration throughout the day. Here are some things that inspire me around my house:

My well used painting palate.

This statue that Frank gave me one year for my birthday, it sits on my studio table and reminds me to pause, breath, and take notice.

My stack of balancing rocks, sometimes I add to them or move them around. I have collected them on lots of travels.

My tangle of jewelry right where I get ready in the morning. I am a bit of a jewelry addict, always wearing a piece. Seeing the stones, colors and even how they combine all together excites me!

My shell collection.

And that is just a sampling, there are so many things that I love that inspire me in different ways, I can't wait to share more of them here.
What in your environment inspires you??

We are about to head off to the beach for a week...seriously, how do I pack everything? I'll be away from the blog for that time too, some much needed "unplugged" time will do me good. I will be back refreshed, with lots of new ideas, next week!