Soaking up Summer

Around here almost everything takes a back seat to SUMMER. This is my happy time of year, and my kids are totally caught up in it too! For the past two weeks in New York the weather has been glorious. We have fully embraced being outside almost constantly... in the sunshine, picnicking on the grass at the park, in the water at the playground, on a trip to the beach, or even just playing out front on the sidewalk! We've all got sun tans.
My studio days have dwindled down to one half day a week, right now on Wednesday. This feels right to me now, especially as I am doing so much thinking with my e-course over at Creative Thursday, it makes sense that a lot of work is going on in my head and heart while I am out doing other things.
Oh and did I mention that we are also getting ready to plant our selves elsewhere for a couple of weeks? More on that later, but the packing has started!