Oh That Sky



Ever changing


One of my favorite things about New Mexico is the sky. Oh that sky, it is the sky of my dreams, the sky of my fantasies, feeding my imagination. Out there on the high desert in Santa Fe, at 7000 feet, there are some places where you can actually have a hundred mile view. Its true, but I didn't believe it until a local confirmed it for me. We stood on a ridge during a hike and watched the play of lightening in clouds far away as storms moved across the plains. I love the lack of visual clutter out there, there are plains of sage and dirt and sky...Brown and Blue: those predominate and create a rhythmic whole. Resting my mind, refreshing my eyes from the daily assault of input and constant pace of New York City.

We went out there with the intent of meeting people, and had the good fortune to connect with quite a few. Over breakfast one morning, a new friend told us that the sky out there is like their ocean. I loved this analogy because at once its truth struck me! All of the descriptions that I would use for the ocean fit their sky, even down to the feeling that I had at the end of the day after we had spent the whole day out under that sky...I felt tired in the best way, as if I had spent the day at the beach.

Vast, rhythmic, ever changing, humbling, awe inspiring, soothing. Breaking things down into their textures and colors.

It is still on my mind and in my dreams. And oh, the sunsets.