The Opening of my show at Swallow was last night! What a wonderful time we all had. I hung the show with the gallery owners in the morning....well, I mainly watched as they expertly arraigned my work into beautiful groupings on the walls. Then we came back to the gallery in the evening to gather with friends, drink lovely wine and talk about my work. For me, it was a wonderful celebration to see this body of work up on the walls, finished and complete. I felt proud especially because it says everything that I want it to say.

As all artists know, there is nothing quite like hearing someone talk about your work as if they see inside your head while you are making it! This is a rare moment...and this happened for me last night, with this body of work. I recently reworked my artist statement, I will share it here soon, and I think that the act of reworking my ideas into words gave me a clarity of purpose in the work since January. I am learning what a blessing giving your self limitations can be!

I'll be enjoying memories of this celebration for a while!