A Video Interview on 21 Secrets Conversations

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a half hour chatting over the computer with

Connie Solera of 21 Secrets and Dirty Footprints Studios

. Being interviewed on video can be quite intimidating, but Connie is so easy to talk to that our conversation flowed easily and in unexpected directions.

She asks just one question to get the 21 Secrets Conversations series started, that is "Tell me about your journey as an artist?", that's so wide open isn't it?! I was inspired to take it way back to the beginning of my journey and when I moved to New York City after college, I even tell the story of how I met my

amazing husband Frank

, and I talk about how leading women on art retreats feels a lot like the labor support doula work that I used to do.

To watch the full 20 minute interview head over here! 


You can still purchase the fantastic line up for 21 Secrets lessons for Autumn 2015 right here

! People are already doing some beautiful work in the online group!


Wild Mama: an Interview on Self Care

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the inspiring Australian life coach & and Life style journalist Tammy Warner-Wilson during her visit to Charleston a few week ago. After following each other for years on Instagram it felt like having coffee with an old friend, it was simply a joy to flow with our conversation about everything from travel adventures to motherhood mis-adventures and everything in between. Because she loves to inspire women to care for themselves within the busy days of  motherhood, much of our chat focused on self care and nourishment, such good stuff!
Check out the full interview over on her blog HERE.

P.S. Here's a taste of our pictures from our summer travels through Europe, can't wait to share so much more of our journey!

Sending heaps of inspiration~

Dark Place, Precious Truths


If you follow me on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook, you have no doubt heard that my dad passed away three weeks ago.
I am not yet at a point where I even have words to sum up the last three weeks of his sickness and passing, I walked along side him and it was and will be some of the hardest work of my life. But I wanted to let you all know how powerful my time in the studio was for me in those weeks before he died. As artists we have such resources of depth and beauty within us and I just wanted to share with you how grateful I have been for my art. As I painted in those weeks I could not help but go deep within myself, feeling shifts within that have been reflected in my work, and feeling myself crack open in new places.

This is one of the pieces that I painted in the last week of his life.

When we meet ourselves in the dark places precious truths are revealed to us.

I am on a grief journey now, which changes day to day, moment to moment. I am comforted by the knowledge that I am not alone, we all experience grief in large and small ways throughout our lives, and even in the midst of my current grief I see that it is opening me to beauty in such a rich way.


A Peek at Painting in Paraiso

In April my dear friend Mati McDonough and I led a painting retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica. We stayed as a group in a beautiful flower filled tropical oasis, just up a private path from a gorgeous beach Playa Guiones. I wanted to share this video to give you a little taste of our time there.

Pura Vida Retreat :: Painting in Paraiso with Mati & Faith  from Faith Evans-Sills on Vimeo.

We are running the retreat again in March 2016, find out all of the info and registration information right here, spots are already filling. We know its going to be just as perfect as last time and can't wait to share the magic with you.

Sending you heaps of inspiration and summertime bliss,

An Ambitious Heart Filled Project

For the past 3 months my gal Mati McDonough and I have been leading an ambitious heart filled project: a year long painting practice e-course that we are calling 52 Paintings. This is the first e-course I have led so I didn't know what to expect, and I've actually been caught off guard at how deeply this course would sink into each part of my studio practice...as I work and film the painting demos for the class there is such a community feeling, which is just what Mati and I intended for the course from the start. It can sometimes feel lonely working in the studio, and having this group to vibe with, throw ideas around, and talk about each other's work has already become such a wonderful community.

In the group Mati & I are sharing everything that we have gleaned from a collective 40+ years of painting! This is not a quick fix program but a way of being an artist that takes into consideration the seasons, the ebbs & flows of inspiration and being part of a supportive and thoughtful community of artists. There has been so much soul stirring heart opening beauty shared in our online classroom and in our private Facebook group where we gather for weekly videos demos from Mati and I, along with lots of inspiration, sharing of work and peeks into each other's studios through out each week. Here is some of the beautiful work that has come out of this course already...

On June 16th we are excited to begin our second module of the course and we'd love to have you along! In this second three month module we'll be covering:

~Incorporating Words with Meaning into your work.
~Layering with Stencils and Silkscreens.
~Working with Geometrics.

Along with lots of other juicy tidbits that we've gathered.
Click this button to head to our sign up page:


Time Lapse Mandala Creation


I've been dreaming up more online offerings and ways to invite you to play with me from your own home and studio. One idea that keeps popping up for me is a nature mandala e-course! Eeeeeep, I'm super excited about it! I've got some logistics to figure out. In planning I've been experimenting with documenting my mandala process through videos as I create them. There's definitely a learning curve but I think that my love of the process comes through, and I really just want to watch the start to finish creation over and over again. Be the first to know when I announce my e-course offering by signing up for my newsletter right here.
Enjoy! xo

Galaxy Dyed Silk Scarf Project

Over the weekend my big kids and I got a jump on Christmas by completing a fun project, the Galaxy Dyed Scarf Project from Blick Art Materials*, one of their great DIY project ideas that can all be found here! The kids and I worked on the project in my studio space, laying out our supplies....
wetting the scarves, and then diving right in with gloves on and fabric dye in small squeeze bottles. We had purple, deep blue, turquoise blue and red dyes, colors to create the look of a galaxy. Beginning with the darkest color on the outside we started squeezing our dyes all around the fabric. For the kids the idea of circles inside of circles helped them to visualize the way that their dye pattern should look.
Once we got to the center of our scarves we used our fingers to feather the dye colors together.
Then we added small squeezes of red dye within our blue layers....
And finally finished off with a fine layer of crystaline salt, which we allowed to sit on our fabric for a full 24 hours. The salt is meant bring out little points of white on the scarves and it needs time to do its work, thinking about this process helped the kids wait, but they were still very eager to see their finished scarves.
So, it felt a bit like Christmas morning when we came back to our scarves, gave them a dye set wash, and after allowing them to dry were finally able to see the beautiful results of our work! They really did come out looking like a picture of a galaxy, with nebulas and stars.
These will become Christmas gifts for a few special people, and the kids feel so proud! Overall we had so much fun with this project, it was simple, quick and satisfying for all of us.

I had the pleasure of doing this project for the first time last week on our second In Our Element Retreat on Cape Cod. We did this project on our first night together and it was a great ice breaker as we got down on the floor working with our hands in the dye. As a teacher, I appreciated that the fluid nature of this project using drops and washes of color, helped everyone not to feel intimidated by this project, even women who had never done anything like this before.

We had so much fun and I loved how even though we were all working on the same project everyone did it just a bit differently, each one reflected our own personalities.

Here are a few of us with our finished galaxy scarves, definitely an easy project with a big wow factor and most importantly we had a great time!

I'm already eyeing a few other projects on the Blick DIY list.... they have lots of other great holiday crafting ideas, and looking ahead I think that these Cupid Arrows might have to be part of our Valentines Day Crafting plan. Aren't they the cutest?!

*this post was sponsored by Blick, I only write about products and projects that I love!

A Holiday Crafting Workshop

Join me on Friday, December 12th, 2014, for a day of yummy holiday crafting. We'll gather in my art studio space to spend 6 hours of diving into four fun and satisfying projects that you'll complete. You'll leave at the end of our time together with new things to decorate your holiday home and table, gifts for the holidays and a little something for you to wear!
We'll do Painted Antlers, Collaged Lanterns, Mandala Ornaments and Bali Beaded Bracelets. We'll break at noon for a healthy buffet lunch together (and maybe some Christmas cookies!).

Taught by: Faith Evans-Sills

When: Friday, December 12, 2014, 9am to 3pm

Where: in Faith Evans-Sills' ground floor art studio at 1630 Meeting Street in Charleston.

What's included: I'll provide all of the materials that you'll need to create your projects, all you need to do is bring your smiling self!  A healthy lunch, as well as coffee, water and tea all day will be provided.

Experience levels: All Levels!

Materials List: I'll provide all of the materials that you need for the class, if you do have any clean glass jars that you've been saving then bring those along to use for your lantern project.

Register now and join us for the day of tapping into your own soulful creativity. Take a step back from the busyness of this season to delight in the sheer joy of spending time creating with other women.

Holiday Crafting Workshop

Heading in an Abstract Direction

This year has brought a big shift in my paintings, its a shift that I have felt the undercurrents of for a while, and really feels like a natural transition in my style. Specifically I am finding myself letting go of much of the botanical imagery in my work, in favor of a more abstract space in which geometric forms have come to take the place of the birds and flowers that once inhabited it.
 After coming out of 2012 and 2013 when I had an infant again and was figuring out how to parent 3 kids, 2014 has felt expansive in the studio. Like I'm stretching my arms after a long nap, then standing up and ideas are just pouring out of me. The studio has always been my "happy place", so moving into my first studio space outside of our home since having kiddos (10 years ago!) and now getting into a weekly rhythm of being able to work in my studio alone, has felt deeply luxurious. It has really felt like a year of coming back to myself and my work, that kicked off back in January with my trip to Bali.

I still love and feel drawn to my floating lotuses (don't expect them to fully leave), but now I have begun to feel the work becoming more about pattern and geometric abstraction. Having worked in studio spaces within our home for so many years, for practical reasons I simply could not paint in the free-washy-splashy-way that I had loved exploring when I could make a big mess in my studio! Now I am loving the freedom to drip and run paint everywhere again, and within those layers to explore a wide variety of mark making. I am specifically drawn to the triangle and am enjoying playing with its many variations in layers upon layers of paint. 

 The triangle has so many beautiful analogies, symbolizing the trinity in religious tradition, as well as the relationship in a marriage between man-woman-god which is one of my personal favorites. Also, having three children I love the symbology of the three sided shape....its just come to hold so much for me.

The layers of color and texture that my work has always been about, seem like they are speaking louder now. When I began to allow myself to let go of the botanical images I felt a lightness in the work, that's how I always know I'm on the right track with something, I feel a lightness inside. My work is really about allowing myself to follow my heart, and part of that is being honest with myself about where my interest lies now.

These pieces are feeling so energetic and vital to me, I just can't help but be excited about this direction. Its not without irony that I was looking through old images recently and realized that this new abstract work is really picking up a dialogue with paintings that I was making back in the early 2000's. Its almost as if I had just stepped away for a bit but now am right back in it and it feels very energized and free. Like with so many things in life, I feel like I have completed a circle, I'm back to one of those places that I have known before but seeing it now through the new eyes of 10 more years of experience.

I can't wait to see where this new direction leads me!

Painted Mandala Workshop in Charleston

I'm thrilled to announce that I am offering an upcoming day-long Layered Mandala Painting workshop right here in Charleston. It will be held in the centrally located Park Circle neighborhood of the city, in a creative private home with lots of indoor and outdoor space where we can work in the sunshine if we choose!

Our host Rachael James

Integrative Wellness Coach, mama of 4 and Paleo inspired cook will be cooking up an amazing wholesome nutritious feast for us to lunch on.

We'll be gathering as a circle of women, declaring our intentions for the day and then immersing ourselves in delicious art making. It will be a truly transporting, inspirational and satisfying day!

Here are all the juicy details...

Taught by:

Faith Evans-Sills


Saturday, December 6th, 10am to 4pm


Charleston, in the neighborhood of Park Circle, at a large private home in this area of the city known for its funky vibe.

What's included:

All materials to create your own large 2 by 2 foot layered Mandala painting, a gift bag full of special treats from Faith and your host Rachael; bits of our art along with things to inspire and use in your project, a delicious catered nutritious lunch, coffee, water and tea all day.

Experience level:

All Levels

In this class we will be harnessing images from our daydreams to create a layered mandala painting that can be hung over a favorite spot in your home to remind you of your sweetest visions.

Join us for a soul-filling day long workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, where we will gather as a group of women, declare our intentions for the day and then immerse our selves in delicious papers and paints for 6 wonderful hours of creating art together with a break at noon for a yummy catered lunch.

Each participant will go home with a finished 2 by 2 foot layered mandala painting of their own creation, ready to hang right in yourfavorite spot. Your teacher, Faith, brings years of art experience. In the course of the workshop she will offer lessons in collage, silk screen techniques, wash painting, and spray painting with stencils. You will add delicious textural layers and personal flair as you introduce all of these techniques with personal meaning, into your painting.

Here are two previous students from this workshop, holding their gorgeous work at the end of the day! 

So much JOY!

Materials List:

We will provide all the materials that you will need for the class.

If you have them, we ask that you bring any favorite acrylic paints, small brushes and acrylic paint markers with you (labeled with your name).

Register now and join us for the day of tapping into your own soulful creativity. Delight in the sheer joy of spending time creating with other women.


Painted Mandala Workshop $85.00 USD

Workshop Deposit (pay the balance at the workshop) $45.00 USD

About the teacher:

Faith Evans-Sills

Faith is a painter, wife, mother, doula, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience she enjoys inspiring others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is very excited to have begun offering creative workshops this coming year. She lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places. Follow along here on her eponymous


and on


where she posts daily beauty and inspiration.

Inspiring Motherhood Interview

I'm so honored to have been interviewed recently over on the Mama Leonie blog as part of their Inspiring Motherhood series. She asked some great questions and got me talking about our home, our connection to the earth, our every day life and why I make my art! See the full interview here.
I'm thankful for the rich community that I have encountered over on Instagram, it is something that I have been so blessed by. Along with inspiring me daily I have also met some wonderful people there and Mama Leonie is one of them.
My daily photo posts on Instagram really have come to feel like my family's photo journal, the kids and I love to scroll back through my feed and look at what we were up to a month or a year ago.
Here are a small collection of our photos from the past few months.

Still Space in our November Retreat!

Just a couple weeks until our In Our Element Art retreat on cape cod, ma and we still have a few spots!
Its November 7-9 ~ and our theme will be holiday style since we'll be focusing on making 4 projects that will give you a head start on gifting and style this season! Get ready for Painted Antlers, Cowls, Wrist Warmers, Mandala Painting, Beading!!
If you've been thinking of joining us, we'd love to have you! Visit here for sign up info.

It will be a weekend to enjoy earth, wind, water and fire...to gather as a group and breathe in, create, relax and restore.
this cozy weekend will be full of crafting projects that will be perfect for holiday gift-giving, walks on the beach, morning yoga, nature mandalas, delicious healthful meals, massage, good conversation by the fire and new friendships.
Squiggly-TrimScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.40.31 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.38.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.39.45 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.16 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.41.39 PM
em and i are looking forward to hosting another gathering in this beautiful part of the cape. gorgeous gardens, walks and cottages are sure to inspire while you are outside...and then there is the inspiration explosion that will happen inside! along with some addictive handwork projects to do while relaxing by the fire (bead bar, yarn + twig happiness) we will offer 4 separate workshops - diving into different mediums each time to make your heart explode with creativity and resulting in some really cool projects that you can keep for yourself or give as gifts.
garlands, ornaments, cowls, wristwarmers, painting, sewing, snipping, beading, wall decor are all part of the plan...
sarah davidson from white swan yoga will be joining us to offer yummy morning yoga and meditation to those who wish to stretch before the day begins, and we will also have an exlusive and abundant pop-up sale for holiday shopping!
we can't wait to be there!Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.50.48 PM

Our Charleston Guide

I was asked to put together a guide of some of our favorite ways to spend a day here in Charleston for the Lovelies in my Life Blog. There are so many beautiful inspiring places to visit in this adopted city of ours but we narrowed it down to places that have a little something for each of us. A spot where the kids like to run around and climb ancient trees, a place to grab something sweet, a walk through history which always gets my imagination going, and the yummiest tacos in town. You can check out the full interview and Charleston guide here, and if you are planning a trip to Charleston, especially with kids, I hope it helps!

Remembering; my 9/11

Today, and every September 11th, is about remembering for Frank and I. In the days leading up to this anniversary I feel myself thinking more about it, feeling emotional and reflective. Now thirteen years later, it feels as fresh in a lot of ways as it did on the first anniversary, so I believe it will continue to be every September of my life.
I feel that for me, the best way to honor this anniversary is always by remembering again.

These are my memories.

On September 11, 2001, I was in graduate school working on my MFA in painting at Parsons in lower Manhattan. I had been living in New York City for 5 years already and had an apartment in the East Village close to school. I got up early that morning and was out the door by 8:30AM as I had to make it to class for a 9AM seminar. I walked quickly, moving west on East 12th Street, my mind full of everything that I had to do that day. At one point I heard a loud boom-like crashing sound, which I dismissed quickly as I often heard loud sounds living in the city. A minute later, as I approached the corner of University Place and 12th Street, I saw every pedestrian standing still and looking off into the sky at something. My first distracted thought was, "Oh great, now I'm going to have to walk through a parade to get to class.". As I reached the corner I turned south to see what everyone was staring at, and saw a gaping black hole in the side of the North Tower of the World Trade center, about 2 miles to the south. I asked the man in a suit next to me what happened and he had no idea, he looked at his watch and said, "Its not even 9AM, hopefully not too many people are in there yet."
I continued walking the two remaining blocks to school, looking back over my shoulder at the heavily smoking building. Papers were pouring out of the black hole, fluttering in the clear sunlight.
When I got to school my close friend Brad greeted me, he had been walking to school from the West Village, he knew what had happened. He had seen an airliner flying down 6th Avenue, so low that he had clearly seen faces in the windows looking out at him. He knew that it had hit the tower.
We turned the radio on to try to get some information but all we heard were confused reports that a small plane had hit the building, so a bunch of us ran up to the school's roof to watch for ourselves.
We stood there staring at the smoking North Tower, and then suddenly without warning we watched a massive fireball explosion bloom out, engulfing half of the South Tower.  Those moments are fuzzy for me, I remember one friend saying "Oh, God." and I remember that everything around me, the brilliant blue sky, the yellow gold billowing fire, seemed to be crisp and sparklingly clear. From our perspective we had not even see the second plane approaching.

Then our building security guard came up and told us that we could not be on the roof, so we all ran down to the street. We stood on University Place just below 14th Street, at this point all traffic had stopped so we stood in the middle of the street with the gathering crowd. One girl in our MFA program started filming with her video camera. Brad and I were desperate for information, so we ran into a bar close by where they had a television. A news caster on the television reported that a passenger plane had also hit the Pentagon and that there was another plane believed to still be in the air, Brad turned to me and said, "It must be an attack.", and we hugged each other.
We stood on the street for a while just staring at the smoking buildings. Everyone was staring, and talking. Someone pulled up with a car on 14th Street and opened the car doors with the radio on so that people could gather around and hear the news.
We heard bits and pieces, that firefighters were in there, that they were thinking of rescuing people off of the roof, that people were jumping. I was mesmerized by the sight of the smoking buildings, from our perspective we could see into the holes, it was glowing hot like a kiln or like I remembered a glass blowing furnace. It looked so hot, we wondered how they were going to put those fires out. Then, gracefully, the South Tower swayed, and then it started getting shorter, it took a moment for me to realize that it was collapsing down on itself, pancaking floor to floor.
For a few minutes all we could see was smoke, and then as the smoke cleared a stranger next to me asked me, "Where is the other tower?", like he thought that he just couldn't see it, and I said, "I think it fell down.", and it felt like one of the most surreal moments of my life.

After that, I did not want to be there on the street watching any more, I wanted to sit down, I wanted to be inside. So Brad and I went back into school and listened to the radio with some of our classmates in our studios. We were sitting there listening to the radio report when the North Tower fell. All I could think about were how many people must have been in those buildings. And then, all I could think about was getting to Frank. We had started dating 4 months earlier and he worked at a painting studio across town on 14th Street in the Meatpacking District. One of our teachers, myself and Brad decided to go out to find our loved ones, we got ready not knowing what it would be like outside. We worked our way west along 14th Street, it was surprisingly calm everywhere we looked, as a tide of people walked north through Manhattan. Each face that we saw looked shocked and stricken, as I'm sure our faces looked. Clusters of people were gathered around cars listening to the radio, it felt like everyone was together, strangers were friends. Fire trucks and cars drove past covered in ash, we walked past Saint Vincents hospital with 50 gurnies and staff waiting outside.

I found Frank at his work, listening to the radio with his coworkers. Frank told me that he had been on his way to work on the subway beneath the towers when the first plane hit. A woman had gotten into his subway car screaming that she had just seen a plane hit the World Trade Center, everyone on the train had stared at her and thought that she was crazy. Then the walkie-talkie of a cop standing near by started talking about the towers, and the cop quickly got off at the next stop. Once Frank got above ground a few stops later at 14th Street he knew that the woman had not been crazy.
Frank and I wandered around the West Village, making our way slowly over to Brad's apartment to be with friends. Every church that we passed had their doors wide open, with impromptu services of lamentation and mourning. At one beautiful church we decided to go inside, we sat in a pew for a while, the dark and the quiet were calming and I felt strangely numb. Frank prayed on his knees.

We spent that afternoon at Brad's house, his boyfriend loved to cook and he cooked for hours for the big gathered group of friends. One of their friends arrived all dusty, she had walked up from close to the World Trade Center where she worked. We all listened as she described her journey, she had seen the bodies falling, she told us things that I wish I could forget.
That afternoon we watched television news broadcasts about the event for the first time. We learned about the flight that had crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The phone lines in Manhattan had been overloaded, but once phone service was restored we called all of our parents and family not in New York. Every hour or so we went up on the roof of the building to look again at the smoking plume billowing up so far into the sky at the south of our island. That was when I first began to smell it, an acrid smell, something like burnt hair and tires, a really bad smell.
It was not until that afternoon that Frank mentioned that his cousin was doing a job in the North Tower, it was just a short term computer job, and he probably wasn't at work yet so early in the morning. All of us assured him that his cousin probably had not been at work yet, but Frank was very quiet.

Frank and his cousin Matthew Horning grew up close to each other in the New Jersey suburbs. They were born 5 months apart and growing up they shared lots of the same interests, like Star Wars and Boy Scouts. Being the same age they were always on the same trajectory in their family, always together at family functions. Matthew came to all of Frank's openings and they had stayed close into adulthood. That morning Matthew had gone to work early so that he would be able to leave early that afternoon and go to an appointment with his fiance. He was in the North Tower, above the blast where the first plane hit. He was trapped in the building and was able to send out a few texts during the hour after the plane hit, he did not survive and his body has never been recovered. He was 26.

That evening Frank and I walked back to my apartment in the East Village, the 20 minute walk across town was very quiet except for the sound of occasional sirens in the distance. We said "I love you.", to each other for the first time on that walk to my apartment that night. I had been sure already that I would spend the rest of my life with Frank, but something about that day solidified it. We were married one year later, on September 15th, 2002.

The days and weeks after September 11th were like an open wound in New York. For two weeks I had to show ID to get to my apartment since I lived below 14th Street in Manhattan. There was paper from the Towers all over the streets of Frank's neighborhood in Brooklyn. The site kept smoking for a while, a constant reminder. And that smell, I will never forget it, just pungent and awful, sometimes around a campfire or when driving by a factory, I smell something similar and I feel nauseous for a moment.

Frank mourns Matthew, I know that it is harder every year around this anniversary, but also that it is always with him. As he has gone on living, getting married, having children, it is something that he always carries close.

The horror of September 11th also did come with blessings, on the other side now with thirteen more years of perspective I can see that in many ways that day was a day that we woke up to life like never before, we were able to see what was right in front of us with vivid clarity. I don't believe that all of that clarity has been lost over time.
Everyone has their September 11th story, this is only mine, I would love to hear yours too. I believe that in sharing our experience we can come through to healing and understand in a deeper way. I took all of these pictures while we were traveling in Portland Oregon in 2009, their solemnity seemed to fit perfectly here.

A Week on the Farm

We just returned from a perfect week in the blue ridge mountains of eastern North Carolina, where every summer we spend one of our favorite weeks of the whole year, on my family's farm. Its "family reunion" week, when my mom and her siblings and their children and grandchildren all return to the farm that my Grandfather started back the 1960's when he retired to this beautiful land near Asheville. It's a week of heaven, on dirt roads, swimming in the pond, picking blueberries, farm chores feeding the chickens and cows. Basically my kids never want to leave!

Since we've lived in South Carolina for the past 3 years we've been able to visit the farm for little visits throughout the year. When we were in NYC we drove for two days to come down in the summer, and now we are only a 4 hour drive away! But still, it is only in the summertime family reunion week that the fishing is really good, and we can just strap on a bucket to go picking in the berry patch that is full to bursting with ripe goodness.

Griffin's favorite have always been the cows, I swear I even heard him whispering "cow" in his sleep, he really loves them, especially the two calves.

This year, we figured that the big kids are finally old enough for us to get out the BB gun and teach them to shoot at old cans in the woods. I guess that included me since I had some serious fun shooting the cans too. So much satisfaction in that moment of actually shooting the can off of the tree stump!

The houses on the farm are up on the ridge line, and the views are always changing and inspiring, they never disappoint.

And Frank painted every day during Griffin's nap.

This giant egg, that we found one morning in the chicken coop, had a double yolk. It has to mean good luck I think!

One of the best parts of the week is always watching the little cousins have fun across the ages. This year they were 9, 7, 6, 4, almost 2, and 1.

And there's always the whole group photo, which we've taken in the same spot since I was a baby.

No matter where we are, part of my heart is always at the farm, and family reunion week is a little slice of our heaven.
If you'd like, check out previous years of our reunions on the farm: here, here, here.

Dreamy Painted Mandala Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, as another of the collaborative offerings that we have dreamed up, my friend Em and I offered a Dreamy Painted Mandala Workshop in her New Hampshire studio, located in a beautiful old mill building over looking a small lake. Like something out of a New England postcard!

We began the morning of our workshop gathering as a circle of women and making a nature mandala. So many lovely things in bloom there this time of year. Gathering as a circle at the start of a workshop feels so important for me, it seems to set the tone for all that follows that day and building those connections with other women is really so much of what the day is about!

Then we dove right into the work, each of us working on a 2 by 2 foot piece of wood. We created a build up of yummy collage layers.

Working in such an old inspiring space felt really good.

After building up our collage layers we began building up painted layers, using lots of techniques, which we demonstrated on our demo paintings...

And then after a break for lunch we all spent the afternoon adding our final mandala layer...

So much beauty came out of that day, and so much satisfaction for me to teach women who come in that morning saying and feeling that they can't paint, and helping them to get to the point in the afternoon where they are taking home a beautiful finished painting!!!

So much JOY!

We'll be offering this same painted mandala workshop a few more times over the coming months, including a version of this at our November In Our Element retreat on Cape Cod, check out the details here!

Mini Mandala Painting Flash Sale Tomorrow!

When I was up in New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago visiting my friend Em, we not only offered a dreamy mandala painting workshop, we also used our collaborative energy to create this yummy series of 18 mini mandala paintings. I couldn't love each of them more!!!! They felt so special as we really got our creativity flowing while creating them and each of them has a little bit of each of us!

We are planning a flash sale tomorrow of all 18 paintings, to kick off our new shared Instagram account called inourelement (In Our Element) that's the name that we are using for our retreats and collaborative offerings. We hope you'll join us over there where we'll share information about our plans, gatherings, upcoming retreats, as well as pop up sales, art and inspiration. You can click right here to check it out.

I'm really excited about it all....and here are a few of my favorite mini mandala paintings that we'll be offering tomorrow. The sale starts at noon, EST. We'll post all 18 paintings over on Inourelement on IG, if you aren't familiar with the IG pop-up shop format all you need to do to buy a piece is be the first to leave your Paypal email address in the comment section of the painting you want. Then we'll send you a Paypal invoice directly, easy easy! xo

A Whole Hearted Interview

Recently I was interviewed on the beautiful soulful Whole Hearted Journal blog, a place that I love to visit as each time it grounds me right back into seeing all of the magic in the everyday moments of mothering.
I loved this interview because its about my art but also mainly about the hardest and most gratifyingly important job I will ever do....mothering these amazing little people! The actual interview was done in a chat format instead of me just answering pre-set questions, and the finished interview is simply a transcription of our chat. I felt that the casual feeling of just having a chat helped us to get right down to the meat of a lot of the big topics. You can check out my full interview here.

In Our Element: Holiday Style!

in our element ~ november 7-9, 2014

Elemtncape cod, ma
nov 7-9 ~ holiday style !
a weekend to enjoy earth, wind, water and fire...to gather as a group and breathe in, create, relax and restore.
this cozy weekend will be full of crafting projects that will be perfect for holiday gift-giving, walks on the beach, morning yoga, nature mandalas, delicious healthful meals, massage, good conversation by the fire and new friendships.
Squiggly-TrimScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.40.31 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.38.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.39.45 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.16 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.41.39 PM
em and i are looking forward to hosting another gathering in this beautiful part of the cape. gorgeous gardens, walks and cottages are sure to inspire while you are outside...and then there is the inspiration explosion that will happen inside! along with some addictive handwork projects to do while relaxing by the fire (bead bar, yarn + twig happiness) we will offer 4 separate workshops - diving into different mediums each time to make your heart explode with creativity and resulting in some really cool projects that you can keep for yourself or give as gifts.
garlands, ornaments, cowls, wristwarmers, painting, sewing, snipping, beading, wall decor are all part of the plan...
sarah davidson from white swan yoga will be joining us to offer yummy morning yoga and meditation to those who wish to stretch before the day begins, and we will also have an exlusive and abundant pop-up sale for holiday shopping!
we can't wait to be there!Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.50.48 PMSquiggly-Trim  cost ~
includes 2 nights accommodation in a quaint new england cottage with gorgeous views and comfortable beds.
all meals (dinner friday night, breakfast/lunch/dinner saturday, breakfast sunday)
creative workshops and most supplies (you will be asked to bring a few things from home)
welcome goodie bag
*massage is optional, and is offered in house by our amazing goddess friend jess at $35 for a 1/2 hour, and $60 for an hourSquiggly-TrimScreen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.38.16 PM
space is limited - sign up via email or click on the options below

questions? email faithevanssillsATgmail.com

Soul Filling Inspiration

When was the last time you had an evening that filled you to the brim with gorgeous inspiration?
For me it was last month, when my beautiful friend Em and her family were visiting us. Em and I had just completed a full week, teaching a workshop and doing lots of brainstorming for all of the collaborative offerings that we have planned for the year ahead.
On their last evening here, we decided spur of the moment to grab our middle children (who had become great friends), jump in our van and head to the beach.

The girls collected handfulls of flowers as we walked out to the sand, and Em and I soaked in all of the beauty of the evening light. My favorite time of day.

Em and I have talked about and envisioned collaborating somehow through the years, we inspire each other so much and our aesthetics complement each other. Doing workshops together was one thing that kept coming up. Now, after teaching our first workshop together, and traveling to Bali together earlier this year, I feel such momentum going forward. We have lots of exciting things planned....the first being our "In Our Element" retreat which starts next Friday! Eeeeep, I'm so excited.

Together with our girls we gathered twigs, shells and used wildflowers to fill in the gaps of a large beach mandala, which felt like the perfect way to celebrate our friendship and our time together.

I can't wait for what's ahead!