Mati & Faith's Studio Chat Series

When: Instant & Forever Access Upon Purchase
Where: Online, Self Paced
Cost: $39

A months worth of video painting lessons and inspiration yours to keep forever!


This Painting the Sacred Within Episode is the perfect way to get to know Faith and Mati better! You'll receive our Series of 8 Video Studio Chats, in which Mati and Faith discuss painting topics including: creating a series, finishing & pricing your art, how to stay authentic to yourself, how to create a successful abstract painting, finding inspiration, staying on your creative toes, and the behind the scenes backstory of how our book was born. You'll receive long studio visit videos, videos of us chatting about our favorite supplies, along with bits of beauty and inspiration for your studio practice! Check out all of the rich topics that we dive into below...

Video & Written Content in this Episode Includes:

  • Hello & Welcome: Video from Mati & Faith!
  • Welcome & a Gift for YOU
  • Greeting videos from Faith & Mati
  • Studio Visits With Faith & Mati
  • What you'll need in your studio
  • Video: Mati & Faith's Favorite Supplies
  • A Blessing & An Invitation
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 1: How to Finish, Hang and Launch artwork
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 2: How to Price, Sell and Know when work is Done!
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 3: How to Stay Authentic to Oneself in this Social Media Era
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 4: How to Create a Series of Paintings
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 5: Bringing Narrative into your work
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 6: How to create a successful abstract painting
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 7: Staying Inspired
  • Mati & Faith: Studio Chat 8: Our Book Backstory Behind the Scenes
  • Mati visits Faith's Studio: a short tour
  • Mati's Interview with Faith About Painting
  • Celebration & Diving Deeper