Pattern Play :: Layering With Stencils and Silkscreens

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In this Painting the Sacred Within Episode we offer you some of our favorite skills and ways of easily building up the rich varied layers in our painting processes!  All of these lessons will help you go deeper into the topic of Layered Painting with Stencils and Silkscreens. With tips & tricks, daring day inspirational prompts and 5 long start to finish painting demo videos we'll dive deeply into this topic exploring creative techniques with acrylic paint, stencils, silk screens and spray painting as a way in to help you capture inspiration and finish the class with so many new skills to add to your "toolbox" to pull out when you are in the studio expanding your painting practice!

Video & Written Content in this Episode Includes:

  • Layering with Stencils Video 1: Demo Video {Mati}

  • Layering with Stencils Video 2: Demo Video {Mati}

  • Layering with Silkscreens: Demo Video {Faith}

  • Layering with Stencils: Demo Video {Faith}

  • Spray Painting with Stencils: Demo Video {Faith}

  • Daring Day Share :: 52 Paintings Download

  • Daring Day Share :: Getting Un-stuck!

  • Daring Day Share :: There is Nothing Wrong with You

  • Daring Day Share :: Georgia

  • Plus the Introduction & Getting to know us BONUS Units: which features over 10 videos about our favorite supplies, peeks inside our studios, our studio chats about painting topics and so much more!