This Episode is the perfect supplement to Chapter 1 in  our book Painting the Sacred Within!

This Episode is the perfect supplement to Chapter 1 in our book Painting the Sacred Within!

Inspiration is Everywhere :: Developing a Daily Practice of Seeing

When: Instant & Forever Access Upon Purchase
Where: Online, Self Paced
Cost: $39

A months worth of video painting lessons and inspiration yours to keep forever!


This Online Painting Workshop will lead you into the topic of Watercolor Painting as a tool for developing a daily practice of seeking & finding inspiration everywhere. We'll begin the class with video visits with Faith and Mati in their studios, where they'll discuss their favorite supplies. Then you'll receive 6 long video painting demo lessons on painting with watercolor. We'll show you how we use watercolor to gather color and pattern inspiration, and as a tool for travel painting! We'll finish the class with a bonus unit on color collecting. With tips and tricks, color treasure hunt prompts and lots of painting videos we'll dive deeply into this topic exploring creative techniques to help you capture inspiration where ever you go! This Online Workshop is the perfect Companion to Chapter 1 in our book, Painting the Sacred Within!

Video and written content includes:

  • Hello & Welcome Video from Mati + Faith
  • What You’ll Need in Your Studio
  • Demo Video 1 {Faith}:: Watercolor Explorations
  • Demo Video 2 {Faith} :: Travel Painting; Gathering Inspiration in Hawaii
  • Demo Video 3 {Mati} :: Watercolor Warm ups, Color Exploration & Going Big
  • Bonus Video 4 {Faith & Mati} :: Watercolor Beach Inspiration
  • Demo Video 5 {Faith} :: Watercolor Warm Ups
  • Bonus Video 6 :: Watercolor Explorations in Costa Rica
  • Celebration & Diving Deeper
  • A Blessing & An Invitation
  • Plus our BONUS EPISODE: Introductions, Our Favorite Supplies & Studio Chats!
  • Plus 10 Bonus Treasure Hunting Lessons in full Color