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I welcome you into my studio in a series of video lessons. You'll watch me lead you through the process that I use to work on one of my favorite Unconventional Surfaces....LEAVES! After you click the Add to Cart button below, you'll be directed to my online e-course host Ruzuku to sign up and pay, and you'll receive instant and forever access to this workshop. Go at your own pace through this 7 part class, which includes 3 painting demo video lessons, in which I create my painted leaves start to finish, dive into the way that I use sketching to harness creative fuel in all areas of my creative practice, and show you how I created my popular Botanical Advent Series. I also walk you through supplies, and inspiration. Let's dive in!

  • This workshop is available for purchase a la carte for $35, and also in a workshop bundle along with my Layered Painted Mandala Workshop (a $80 value) for only $70.

  • The full workshop content will be available to you immediately after purchase, and is yours to keep and enjoy. You simply need to be logged into your account on Ruzuku, the site that hosts my online classes, to access the workshop.


Leaf Painting


WHEN: Instant & Forever Access Upon Purchase
WHERE: Online, Self Paced
COST: $35