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You’re a creative dreamer, you're attracted to beauty in the world and you love to express it through your art! You need help & support connecting more deeply to your creative potential, confidence and unique artistic voice. You have, or long for, a creative business that will support you and allow you to live authentically aligned with your values (with a good dose of dreams thrown in!). Am I right?

My gift is helping you see your path with more clarity. It all begins when you ask yourself…

Are you ready to embrace the creativity you know you were made for?

With two decades of personal painting experience, and working with hundreds of women over the last 5 years, my passion is guiding women to connect with their deepest selves, through creating art that they LOVE, and uncovering their unique creative voice! I want to come along side you and help you get there!

You’ve got big dreams with your art & business, and hey you’ve already accomplished so much, but you need that push to get to where you want to be! Or maybe you’re right at the beginning, you need accountability & direction as you gain confidence on your creative journey! We’ll dig into your biggest challenges in your art practice and creative business together!


A bit about me….

I'm Faith, painter, author, retreat leader and creative guide. I teach many online classes and wrote my book Painting the Sacred Within, all to offer art techniques & tips to guide women in expressing their authentic inner voice. I lead transformational art retreats to Morocco, Costa Rica and Mexico, yep I love to travel. I've got a passion for helping women connect with their most heartfelt ideas through creating art.

It took me years (20+ in fact!) to get to where I am today, with lots of triumphs and a good share of failures, and I’ve learned a ton along the way. Today I run my own thriving creative business, and I've taught hundreds of women, helping them uncover their creative potential. Let's dive in together & get cozy, I can’t wait to see where you will be in just a few months from now!

A bit about you…

You are a talented, passionate woman, you have lots of creative ideas and you’re excited about where they could take you! You long for a life, business and art practice that you design on your terms. You have a vision for what this could be and you see others doing it online….it includes freedom, travel, a good dose of serving the world with your gifts and connecting with other creative women, most of all it includes creating art that expresses your own true and unique voice! Does this sound like you? then keep reading!

You need a mentor who can give you a roadmap, who has been where you are and understands the pitfalls that are unique to creatives (and how to avoid them!). you need support, guidance and creative inspiration for your art journey. I'd love to help you discover the work, and life, that you were made for!

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Are you ready to open up to your full creative potential?

Work with me:

How does it work? Over two months we will work together 1 on 1 through my Creative Growth Sessions Process to explore your potential, dreams, business and ultimately to give your ideas wings and direction!

What this looks like:

Once you have booked your Creative Growth Session you’ll receive my welcome packet of worksheets which you will fill out before our first call, so that we can begin to see what areas you need the most support, motivation and focus.

  • Then, We’ll meet 1:1 over zoom for your 75 minute initial meeting where we’ll dive right in,

  • Every other week for 2 months, for a total of 4 sessions, we will meet over zoom

What’s Included:

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This is for you if:

  • you want to up your creative game even more.

  • You’re ready to Develop a consistent look in your art & Online Presence.

  • You can’t wait to take your creative confidence further than ever!

  • You’d love to have a plan, with action steps and strategies for next steps in your creative career.

  • You show up and give your all to the things you want and believe in.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You’re stuck in a negative limited mindset surrounding your life and creativity and aren’t ready to give that up!

  • You aren’t prepared to dedicate the time to do the work that we’ll do together. Everything worth doing takes time!

  • You don’t believe in your worth, your talent and your ability.

  • You’re looking for specific legal and financial advice. I look to my accountant and lawyer for that, you should too.


The Results….

I'll give you concrete feedback on your work and nudge you in the right direction.

I'll advise you on process and habits--how to loosen up and how to reign it in, when to commit and when to let go.

I'll show you how to evolve your style into an honest and recognizable one that expresses your truth.

But more than that, I'll help you identify WHO YOU ARE as an artist.

Your investment:

Single Sessions:

Not ready to book the full 2 month program package?

Book one of my 75-minute Creative Power Sessions where we’ll go deep and

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