Painting Your Story :: Developing A Personal Encyclopedia of Mark Making

When: Released on May 1, 2018/ Yours to keep forever
Where: Online, Self Paced
Cost: $25

A months worth of video painting lessons and inspiration yours to keep forever!

in this course:

This Painting the Sacred Within Episode is the perfect companion to Chapter 12 in our book! Here we flesh out the lessons for you in long start to finish painting demo videos, where we want you to feel like you are painting right along with us! All of these lessons will help you go deeper into the topic of exploring abstract painting as you developing your personal voice in your work through creating your personal vocabulary of marks and shapes which become YOUR STORY! With tips & tricks, inspirational prompts, 6 long start to finish painting demo videos by Mati & Faith, an artist interview and inspiration. You'll finish this episode with so many new skills to add to your "toolbox" to pull out when you are in the studio expanding your painting practice!

Video and written content includes:

  • Painting Demo Video: Painting your Story {Mati}

  • Painting Demo Video: Painting your Story {Mati}

  • Painting Demo Video: Painting your Story {Faith}

  • Painting Demo Video: Painting your Story {Faith}

  • Demo Video: Color & Pattern Exploration {Faith}

  • Painter Interviews: Francis Sills

  • Expanding & Using Your Personal Inspiration Library :: Demo Video {Faith}

  • Inspiration: the crazy ones

  • Inspiration: the bravest

  • Painting your Story: Looking back at this Year's Paintings with Faith & Mati

  • Receive a FREE Bonus Episode: "Getting to Know Faith & Mati: Our Favorite Supplies, Studio Visits and Q&A Chats.

Plus a Bonus Unit of Writing Prompts:

  1. Writing Prompt: Creating Your Manifesto

  2. Writing Prompt: Dream Setting

  3. Writing Prompt: Passion Inquiry