A Video Interview on 21 Secrets Conversations

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a half hour chatting over the computer with

Connie Solera of 21 Secrets and Dirty Footprints Studios

. Being interviewed on video can be quite intimidating, but Connie is so easy to talk to that our conversation flowed easily and in unexpected directions.

She asks just one question to get the 21 Secrets Conversations series started, that is "Tell me about your journey as an artist?", that's so wide open isn't it?! I was inspired to take it way back to the beginning of my journey and when I moved to New York City after college, I even tell the story of how I met my

amazing husband Frank

, and I talk about how leading women on art retreats feels a lot like the labor support doula work that I used to do.

To watch the full 20 minute interview head over here! 


You can still purchase the fantastic line up for 21 Secrets lessons for Autumn 2015 right here

! People are already doing some beautiful work in the online group!


Wild Mama: an Interview on Self Care

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the inspiring Australian life coach & and Life style journalist Tammy Warner-Wilson during her visit to Charleston a few week ago. After following each other for years on Instagram it felt like having coffee with an old friend, it was simply a joy to flow with our conversation about everything from travel adventures to motherhood mis-adventures and everything in between. Because she loves to inspire women to care for themselves within the busy days of  motherhood, much of our chat focused on self care and nourishment, such good stuff!
Check out the full interview over on her blog HERE.

P.S. Here's a taste of our pictures from our summer travels through Europe, can't wait to share so much more of our journey!

Sending heaps of inspiration~

Dark Place, Precious Truths


If you follow me on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook, you have no doubt heard that my dad passed away three weeks ago.
I am not yet at a point where I even have words to sum up the last three weeks of his sickness and passing, I walked along side him and it was and will be some of the hardest work of my life. But I wanted to let you all know how powerful my time in the studio was for me in those weeks before he died. As artists we have such resources of depth and beauty within us and I just wanted to share with you how grateful I have been for my art. As I painted in those weeks I could not help but go deep within myself, feeling shifts within that have been reflected in my work, and feeling myself crack open in new places.

This is one of the pieces that I painted in the last week of his life.

When we meet ourselves in the dark places precious truths are revealed to us.

I am on a grief journey now, which changes day to day, moment to moment. I am comforted by the knowledge that I am not alone, we all experience grief in large and small ways throughout our lives, and even in the midst of my current grief I see that it is opening me to beauty in such a rich way.


A Peek at Painting in Paraiso

In April my dear friend Mati McDonough and I led a painting retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica. We stayed as a group in a beautiful flower filled tropical oasis, just up a private path from a gorgeous beach Playa Guiones. I wanted to share this video to give you a little taste of our time there.

Pura Vida Retreat :: Painting in Paraiso with Mati & Faith  from Faith Evans-Sills on Vimeo.

We are running the retreat again in March 2016, find out all of the info and registration information right here, spots are already filling. We know its going to be just as perfect as last time and can't wait to share the magic with you.

Sending you heaps of inspiration and summertime bliss,

An Ambitious Heart Filled Project

For the past 3 months my gal Mati McDonough and I have been leading an ambitious heart filled project: a year long painting practice e-course that we are calling 52 Paintings. This is the first e-course I have led so I didn't know what to expect, and I've actually been caught off guard at how deeply this course would sink into each part of my studio practice...as I work and film the painting demos for the class there is such a community feeling, which is just what Mati and I intended for the course from the start. It can sometimes feel lonely working in the studio, and having this group to vibe with, throw ideas around, and talk about each other's work has already become such a wonderful community.

In the group Mati & I are sharing everything that we have gleaned from a collective 40+ years of painting! This is not a quick fix program but a way of being an artist that takes into consideration the seasons, the ebbs & flows of inspiration and being part of a supportive and thoughtful community of artists. There has been so much soul stirring heart opening beauty shared in our online classroom and in our private Facebook group where we gather for weekly videos demos from Mati and I, along with lots of inspiration, sharing of work and peeks into each other's studios through out each week. Here is some of the beautiful work that has come out of this course already...

On June 16th we are excited to begin our second module of the course and we'd love to have you along! In this second three month module we'll be covering:

~Incorporating Words with Meaning into your work.
~Layering with Stencils and Silkscreens.
~Working with Geometrics.

Along with lots of other juicy tidbits that we've gathered.
Click this button to head to our sign up page:


Time Lapse Mandala Creation


I've been dreaming up more online offerings and ways to invite you to play with me from your own home and studio. One idea that keeps popping up for me is a nature mandala e-course! Eeeeeep, I'm super excited about it! I've got some logistics to figure out. In planning I've been experimenting with documenting my mandala process through videos as I create them. There's definitely a learning curve but I think that my love of the process comes through, and I really just want to watch the start to finish creation over and over again. Be the first to know when I announce my e-course offering by signing up for my newsletter right here.
Enjoy! xo

Galaxy Dyed Silk Scarf Project

Over the weekend my big kids and I got a jump on Christmas by completing a fun project, the Galaxy Dyed Scarf Project from Blick Art Materials*, one of their great DIY project ideas that can all be found here! The kids and I worked on the project in my studio space, laying out our supplies....
wetting the scarves, and then diving right in with gloves on and fabric dye in small squeeze bottles. We had purple, deep blue, turquoise blue and red dyes, colors to create the look of a galaxy. Beginning with the darkest color on the outside we started squeezing our dyes all around the fabric. For the kids the idea of circles inside of circles helped them to visualize the way that their dye pattern should look.
Once we got to the center of our scarves we used our fingers to feather the dye colors together.
Then we added small squeezes of red dye within our blue layers....
And finally finished off with a fine layer of crystaline salt, which we allowed to sit on our fabric for a full 24 hours. The salt is meant bring out little points of white on the scarves and it needs time to do its work, thinking about this process helped the kids wait, but they were still very eager to see their finished scarves.
So, it felt a bit like Christmas morning when we came back to our scarves, gave them a dye set wash, and after allowing them to dry were finally able to see the beautiful results of our work! They really did come out looking like a picture of a galaxy, with nebulas and stars.
These will become Christmas gifts for a few special people, and the kids feel so proud! Overall we had so much fun with this project, it was simple, quick and satisfying for all of us.

I had the pleasure of doing this project for the first time last week on our second In Our Element Retreat on Cape Cod. We did this project on our first night together and it was a great ice breaker as we got down on the floor working with our hands in the dye. As a teacher, I appreciated that the fluid nature of this project using drops and washes of color, helped everyone not to feel intimidated by this project, even women who had never done anything like this before.

We had so much fun and I loved how even though we were all working on the same project everyone did it just a bit differently, each one reflected our own personalities.

Here are a few of us with our finished galaxy scarves, definitely an easy project with a big wow factor and most importantly we had a great time!

I'm already eyeing a few other projects on the Blick DIY list.... they have lots of other great holiday crafting ideas, and looking ahead I think that these Cupid Arrows might have to be part of our Valentines Day Crafting plan. Aren't they the cutest?!