What are the "Retreats" and what can I expect to gain from my experience as a participant?

The Retreats are curated group travel experiences, designed by two artists, for fellow visual creatives and adventurers in what we think are some of the most beautiful locations in the world! Our goal is to create community for women through shared travel and to provide our participants with local luxury, authentic cultural experience, adventure, and space to slow down that leaves them both renewed and inspired. We make each of our Retreats unique with delicious meals: through locations serving fresh local food, we always create an itinerary for unique and exciting exploration of the area, searching out the most inspiring locations, tours, lodging and shops where ever we are!

At every Retreat we teach painting, with a focus on gathering visual inspiration on location, to women interested in expanding their visual voice on paper or canvas. On some Retreats we also offer a creative business master session for those interested in turning their passions into a living OR a personal portfolio review session. At some of our Retreats we also teach many of the layered painting lessons that we included in our book Painting the Sacred Within!

Our Retreat Participants are free to use their time with us however they choose. For those looking to improve their painting skills, build a portfolio, or explore painting for the first time, the opportunity to learn from us is there. We will work closely with you during our painting workshops to do demonstrations and share techniques that you will be able to take home to use to expand your personal painting practice. For those simply interested in travel, unplugging, and having unforgettable experiences, the opportunity to simply be is always available. For participants who find themselves in a time of transition and are looking for answers and life direction, we strive to offer the opportunity to be quiet and explore introspection. Our goal is to enable you to find the space to paint, to create, to explore and to simply be. Most importantly we want you to leave with renewed energy, expanded global perspective, a fresh sense of adventure and inspiration, along with a vision to go back and do what you love!

Who usually comes to the retreats?

Our Retreats are offered for women only: Women from all walks of life, all nationalities, and a wide spectrum of ages & life experience come. One of the best parts of the retreats is the diversity of creative, like-minded women who come together from around the world and bond over a love of art making, travel, food, and intentional creative living. We strive to creative a safe space free from judgment, in which women feel comfortable to be themselves, relax and dive into opportunities for personal growth.

I'm not an artist is this retreat still for me?

Absolutely! This retreat is much more focused on adventure and gathering inspiration, taking notice of your surroundings and approaching your life from a creative and holistic point of view. While painting, gathering inspiration on location, personal discover through creative expression and visual storytelling are the core of all our Retreats, we welcome non-artists and all levels and types of artists, from professional to hobbyist to beginner. It seems that wherever we look, almost everyone is telling a visual story these days, and there's really no field that wouldn't benefit from a knowledge of inspiration gathering and creative expression. People come on our Retreats with a variety of experiences & for a variety of reasons. Some guests come with nothing but the basic suggested art supplies and their iPhones, others come with a whole suitcase full of paints, or their DSLR cameras. Some come to simply experience travel in an exciting place, some come because they want to expand their painting skills for personal creative expression, and others come because they want to re-connect to their own core creative values as they grow a career in the arts. Most often women come on our Retreats because they want to have a fantastic adventure with other like minded people! We do our very best to ensure that all of our participants are met where they are in their art experience by tailoring the lessons that we offer on Retreat to a variety of skill levels. You will be able to jump into all of our lessons, no matter where you are in your art practice, as long as you arrive with a sense of openness & willingness to try!

I really want to learn Painting during the retreat. How can I best prepare? 

We highly recommend that those with a serious interest in painting come with all of the recommended supplies (the supply list is sent out to each group 2 months before the Retreat), along with anything else from your personal studio that you love to use often. We base our retreats on a model of sinking into location & inspiration in a slow way, this offers lots of time for you to explore into your painting practice if you desire. Aside from our lessons where we will demonstrate techniques and paint as a group, there will also be free time in which you can choose to continue painting & integrating the techniques offered. You can also brings your travel watercolor kit along with you on many of our group outings. We find that the ideas and inspiration generated during the painting sessions & activities on retreat will grow and flourish into new directions & ideas even more once you return home to your own studio. We encourage you to look at the time on your Retreat as a fertile time of discovery in all areas, personal, mental & emotional, as all of these will be renewed and revitalized through your Retreat experience. We have heard from many of our former participants that staying open to experience was the best thing that they did on their trip. The life enrichment, mental expansion, and artistic integration will ripple out into your life far beyond your Retreat.

What are the Retreat dates for the coming year? 

Visit our Retreat Page to see all available Retreats. Events for 2019 have been announced and are filling, and we are in the planning stages of 2020. If you'd like to be the first to hear when new events become open for registration, you can sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

do you teach private in person lessons?

I no longer offer private in person painting lessons outside of my Retreats, the Retreats will be the only in-person teaching that I offer. Right now, along with the Retreats, I am focusing on writing my second book on painting and designing inspiring e-courses that teach all that I used to teach in person so that the teaching is available to more people. If you're interested in learning from me but can't make it to a Retreat, I highly suggest diving into one of my popular Online Classes, and signing up for our mailing list to hear when new online courses open for enrollment! 

I have a dietary restriction. Will there be something for me to eat? 

The food that we serve on our Retreats varies by location, and while we can accommodate vegetarians (if notified in advance upon registration), we are not able to accommodate severely limited, highly specific and restricted diets. We let the country, specific vendors and locations dictate the food we serve.

what is included in the Retreat cost?

To find out what is included on a specific Retreat, please see the itinerary for that particular Retreat on our Retreat pages. Every Retreat is a unique experience and we plan every detail, at every Retreat all lodging & breakfast are included. The exception to this, is on our all-inclusive Retreats, where while you're with us every meal, activity, transportation, and accommodation is taken care of (with the exception of tips and alcohol).  At every Retreat you’ll receive a gift bag full of a curated collection of treasures, inspired by creative exploration and the country that you're in. All art and painting instruction is covered, all you need to do is show up with a sense of creativity & adventure!

What is Not included in the Retreat Cost? 

Travel concierge services are not included in the price, along with airfare and travel expenses to get yourself to the Retreat. While we are happy to answer simple questions and we provide access to information, guests are responsible for getting themselves to and from the Retreat as well as making any travel or lodging arrangements and reservations for themselves outside of the retreat (if they are intending to travel before or after the Retreat). Highly customized menus are also not included for those with very involved dietary restrictions such as vegan or other restrictions. Guests are responsible for any meals & drinks purchased beyond those provided in your Retreat package. Guests are always responsible for tips, any alcohol or personal shopping they choose to purchase, as well as any travel before or after the Retreat dates. See more information on the page for the Retreat that you are interested in, to find out exactly what is included on your Retreat.  

do you accept cancellations or offer refunds in any event? 

Unfortunately due to the planning, involved logistics & up front costs of these events we have a strict no refund policy regardless of circumstance. We very highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. In all circumstances we will retain your non-refundable booking deposit, and any additional funds paid towards your balance.  Again, we strongly urge you to buy travel insurance, to educate yourself as much as you can about the location to which you wish to travel, and to be sure you can make it before you book.